The Magic Diary


This story is currently in the process of being reworked and will be available soon!

The Magic Diary
Becky and Alex meet one day when Alex throws his baseball over the fence and has to go into Becky's yard to find it. Joe is raising Becky alone after Sarah dies from cancer. Heather is raising Alex alone after Doug is killed in a car accident. Before Becky's mom dies, she leaves her with a magic diary. Alex does not believe it really is magic until he writes in it.

The Magic Diary - The Bully
Alex and Becky meet up with Mark, the school bully. They soon realize that Mark is not a bad kid. Alex and Becky work together to help Mark stop bullying, and Mark realizes that being a friend is better than
being a bully.

The Magic Diary - Building Self-Esteem
Becky and Alex are faced with another group of kids at the arcade who try to start a fight with one of their friends. An assembly is held at the school, after the principal and Becky’s teacher agree to help spread a list of ways to build self-esteem throughout the town.

The Magic Diary - Good Manners
Alex and Becky work together with one of their friends to build a list of good manners to share with the students at school. They share their list of good manners with everyone at school with the help of the principal, Mr. Moody, after their friend explains that good manners are crucial in learning how to be a good person and building self-esteem.

The Magic Diary – It’s Personal
Your own personal diary to share your hopes, dreams, secrets, fears, wishes, or whatever you want to write down to remember later. Includes bookmarks to highlight your favorite entries and extra bookmarks for you to personalize.

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