“I started writing poems when I was just a little girl. I never did much with anything I had written other than read it a few times and then put it away. Over the years, everything I had written was lost or destroyed, but the memories I had still lingered on in my mind. We all struggle with things deep within us and outside of us that intrigues our senses enough to want to tell the world about it; why not share what stimulates us and sparks our emotions through a book..” ~~ TL Bliss

Are you looking for a publishing coach?  I can help coach you while you publish your own books – this includes paperback and ebook.  My rates are flexible and I use PayPal.  Hourly payment is required up front and quoted payment is paid half up front and the remainder before the final coaching session.  If you are interesting, please contact me here.

“On March 23, 2016, my biological father passed away. In the meantime, our torn and tattered family had all gone their own separate ways earlier in life; neither knowing where the other was nor having any contact information. This book was prepared with that single thought in mind. Keep track of your contacts and their information all in one location. There should never be a struggle when it comes to contacting family and friends in your time of need.” ~~TL Bliss

Who Needs To Know holds all of your contacts from your children, to family, to friends, and there is additional space for any extra entries that you would like to add. This information can be used when you are in the hospital, when you are ill and need to let someone know, and more importantly when you pass away.  Make sure everyone in your family has one and send one to a friend...

A YA paranormal love story about a son who sees his dad commit murder when he is just a small boy and learns how to follow in his footsteps, only to learn that things eventually change when you don’t follow through as planned. Life changes forever with the help of those who perished at the falls first and who helped wash away the lives of those who senselessly killed, and reunited loved ones to live in eternity…After Life Falls

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