Poetry By TL Bliss

Poetry by TL Bliss

Have you ever wanted to share something and just could not find the words? If you listen to the silence long enough it will speak volumes to you.
With that, I leave you to my poetry. I hope it gives you some hope for your future, light for your darkness, nourishment for your soul, and contentment for your heart. ~~TL Bliss

Includes 20 personal, soul bearing, and heartfelt poems:
We Need Your Heart
The American Way
Pick Up Your Faith In Each Other
Smile Down On Us Jesus
Building Up Hope
I Rely On You To Guide Me
I Struggle With The Words To Say To You
I Try To Keep My Faith In You
The Cycle Of Life
A New Day
Jesus Is Watching Over You
Hanging Onto Memories
Feeling The Pain Once More
Only Me And Only You.
When One Was Made From Two
You Are My Everything
Keeper Of Me
If You Leave Me Now
My Love For You
Missing You

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