Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide

Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide

Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide is a book about my journey with juice fasting to lose weight and give my body a break from the junk food I had been feeding it for so many years. I had watched the documentary called, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross and realized that I was a nutritional mess with the foods I had been eating. I had my self-diagnosed issue I called “junk food syndrome” and was looking for a way out.

It was a very eye-opening experience for me and I was compelled to share this with others through my experience. I started researching online and found various websites that shared some information, but there was not a book or manual that I could have in front of me to answer the questions I had about starting a juice fast and I was still a little shy or nervous about speaking with others. The majority of the books and information gave unending jargon-filled responses to questions, but bored me to tears trying to get the answer I was looking for. If the book I have written would have been available at the time I was researching and looking for answers, I definitely would have purchased it. In order to get the answers that everyone seems to have before beginning a juice fast, there has to be an exuberant amount of time researching online, digging through fillers and adjectives, and visiting social networking sites to get your answers.

Hence, this is the reason I have written this book called Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide, appropriately named as it is my journey that this is based on and I share the answers that others seem to keep hidden unless your pry it out of them. In turn, this makes the course uneventful and by the time you get the answer you were looking for elsewhere, you probably had already forgotten what the question was. I share everything in my book, from beginning to end. I provide various sections from buying a juicer to how to keep the weight off once you complete your juice fast. I also include the various fruits and vegetables used for juicing and share recipes and my own personal body measurements with the reader.

The prospective reader of Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide would be someone wanting nutritional weight loss without counting numbers, going to meetings, or changing the normal three-meals-a day routine. The reader may also be someone wanting to change his or her dietary habits from junk food to healthy food and are seeking more knowledge on how to accomplish this. More so, the person focused on self-help and prefers to do things on their own would appreciate the information I have documented and shared. We all need a break at times, even your body. Being refreshed by sharing in a juice fast gives your body a chance to heal and take a break from the constant routine of working around-the-clock. I feel that anyone who wants to change their daily routine of eating the wrong foods and gaining more and more weight would be interested in learning as much as possible about changing to a healthier lifestyle and Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide shares how to do this. In our country alone, obesity and obesity-related health issues are skyrocketing and finding a way to change this is paramount to our future.

I would like to see Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide used to promote healthy weight loss with all age groups. I was very compelled to begin a juice fast and was a little overwhelmed at first trying to find out the what-if things we all want to know before we try anything new. We are skeptical by nature and do not want to be inundated with unnecessary information. I would like to see more juice bars and nutritional places for people to take their families, as easily as they would to McDonalds or Burger King.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables helps financially and is a better way to get your supplies. Community gardens would be a great way to share this concept with others and help each other.

We all struggle with the same problems and helping each other is the key to its success. I would like to see others become as passionate about juice fasting as I am.

Enjoy feeling better naturally with the new concept in nutrition and maybe even shed a few unwanted pounds. This handy guide is a simple and concise book to help get you started on your own journey with juice fasting. Included inside are recipes, a list of fruits, a list of vegetables, nutritional information, a sample journal entry to help get you started, and adds a personal challenge for each reader. Get your copy today and start feeling better naturally.

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