Broken Circle Of Life

Broken Circle of Life

Grace Elizabeth is a young woman who has a bitter, mean, cruel person for her mother by the name of Lisa. Grace Elizabeth’s daughter Lynnie is viciously taken away from Grace Elizabeth through the lies and deceit of Lisa. After Lynnie is grown and finds Grace Elizabeth they reunite and realize that there is more to the story than either knew.

There is an enormous amount of animosity between Grace Elizabeth and her mother Lisa when Grace Elizabeth finds out that there is a child born to Lynnie’s father Rick and her own mother Lisa. The young man dies at a very young age and Lynnie never was able to meet him.

Lynnie moves away from the family and marries a man who turns out to be just like her father Rick. Tim is a very promiscuous man too and after Lynnie loses the twins she is pregnant with, Tim has already divorced her and moved on to another woman.

Grace Elizabeth marries a man by the name of Lee who saves her life when she is about to commit suicide. The two eventually get married and have a child of their own. His name is Mike and he is Lynnie’s only brother.

After Grace Elizabeth and Lynnie are reunited, Lynnie has the opportunity to meet Lee and Mike. Mike is engaged to Annie who has a twin sister by the name of Amy. Amy is the lady that Tim was married to after he left Lynnie when she lost the twins. Lynnie tells her mother Grace Elizabeth about a guy she had been dating. She met this man at the beach when she was on vacation and his name is Luke. Lynnie tells Grace Elizabeth that her and Luke aren’t serious but he makes her laugh so she really likes him.

Mike and Annie get married with the help of Lynnie. Time passes and Grace Elizabeth and Lee eventually move to South Carolina to be near Lynnie. More time passes and Mike and Annie move to South Carolina as well.

Lynnie tries to find her grandmother Lisa to see if she can resolve the bitterness that she now feels towards her after hearing about the problems Lisa caused, the loss of her brother Terry and her friend Tammy, the relationship between her own father and grandmother, and to speak her mind about how she really feels towards her.

When Lisa is finally found, she is in a mental institution after trying to commit suicide. Grace Elizabeth and Lynnie go to the hospital to see Lisa and it was then that Lynnie and Grace Elizabeth reveal to Lisa the secret behind the many years of Lisa evil ways.

Grace Elizabeth and Lynnie decide it is best to try to help Lisa be a better person and resolve all of her conflicts that are so deep-seeded within her.

Lee reflects on the fact that the true meaning of the broken circle of life has been made whole again when the family helps the one person who was so adamant about tearing the family apart to begin with.

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